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Baltimore Improv Group

Bringing BIG laughs to Baltimore!

F.A.M. Fest Returns June 21 & 22

The F.A.M. Fest (From Another Mother Festival) is an improv showcase designed to explicitly center & uplift Black improvisers & comedians by creatively showcasing the expansive Black experience & exposing the art of improv to Black communities through networking, community building & education.

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What We Offer

BIG offers improv shows every Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights! 

We offer comedic improv, sketch, acting, writing, and standup classes and workshops for all skill levels and age groups! Our facilitators are trained and experienced performers who have performed nationally and internationally. 

Even when you can’t make it to a show, there is no reason to miss out on improvised laughs! Hire BIG today for corporate training, educational workshops, and private comedy shows.

Upcoming Shows

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