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Michelle Faulkner-Forson
Managing Director

Kim Scarfe
Education Director

Front of House

Artistic Council


BIG's Board


We are not holding auditions at this time. BIG Auditions happen twice a year (every six months or as needed) for The Conservatory and BIG Weekend Teams.


Indie Troupes

Indie Submissions

Are you on an indie troupe that's interested in performing on the BIG stage? Each month, BIG offers certain time slots to independent improv comedy troupes.  To submit your troupe, please complete the Indie Troupe Submission Form.


Pitch a Show

Pitch a Show

Have an idea for an improv, sketch, musical or stand-up comedy show? Then let us know! BIG is always accepting pitches for live, in-person shows.  To submit your pitch:

If your pitch is accepted, BIG provides our stage, a house manager and feedback on the artistic development of the show.

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