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By donating to BIG, you are supporting Live, Free, Comedy - In Baltimore, By Baltimore, For Baltimore! Help us complete our  mission of bringing laughs to the Baltimore region using improv comedy.

​Every penny matters!

(By clicking the link above, you can become a one-time or monthly donor to the Baltimore Improv Group.)

Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) donation testimony

“For me, BIG is this incredibly supportive community of people that are always willing to help you learn and grow. The teachers, the staff, the other player, everyone wants to help you be your best most confident you, I love that.”

Devin McKay, Performer and House Manager

“BIG has been a fantastic addition to the Station North community. Since they have arrived, there has been a noticeable increase in people visiting the area, which has helped support all of the surrounding businesses. There is also a greater sense of safety and security having an increased population. The staff and performers are wonderful, as well as a very talented group of people and we LOVE having them as our next-door neighbor.”

​Ann Costlow - Owner, Sofi’s Crepes

Sofi's Crepes logo
A tremendous THANK YOU to all of BIG's 2019 supporters.  Your generosity is critical to BIG's continued growth and greatly appreciated.

Jo Tyler

Maria Merritt and Stuart Chaitkin

Anne Neal
David Evans
Jeffrey Richardson
Nathaniel Tyson
Susan Anthony

Allison Gross
Arthur McCombs
Catharine Robertson
Elissa & Grant Roch
Jonathan Moore
Martin Steinberg
Rachel Leah Hiken
Richard Gorelick
Steve Buettner

Aaron Heinsman
Caroline Yates
Cymantha Governs
Daniel Weissglass
Elizabeth Bihn
Heather Lynne Blake
Jeff Trask
Jeremy Lyons
Joe Spano
Justin Eifert
Kassi Efird
Katherine Marmion
Kathleen Williams
Katie Long
Kyle Hobstetter
Larry Stegman
Maggie Phenicie
Mary Todd
Nicole Meckly
Daniel Rodriguez
Sam Van Sant
Steven Dupal
Tadas Kyroni
Toni Tessler 
Jenni VanAusdall

Up to $50
Abigail Tyson
Alexa Sciuto
Alice Kallaugher
Amanda Kinslow
Ann Bracken 
Ashley Van Stone 
Baltazar Benavides
Jackie Bello
Brian Young 
Brianne Genter
Sam Brunner
Carolyn Phenicie 
Christina Stenstrom
Cindy Bedell
Clare Mulligan
Conor O'Brien
Cynthia Carr
Sean David
Jenny Kessler Klump 
Jodie DeSantis-Porter
Karen DeSantis
Frank Donnelly
Eileen Heady
Eliza Simon
Ellen Reiterman


Up to $50 (Cont'd)

Emma Petruzzelli
John Fiocco
Mary-Margaret Fiocco 
Luke Frazier
Joel Gonzalez
Grant Chang
Greeshma Sasi
Stephanie Haftel
Angela Healy
James Pollard
Jason Israel
Jennifer VanAusdall
Joy Leah Sisson
Judy Harris
Justin Bender
Christine Kavalauskas
Kerri Shannon
Kim Le
Maite Urcaregui 
Marty McGuire
Matthew Riebel
Melanie Megale
Michael Wu
Pete Bergen

Peter DiPrinzio

Up to $50 (Cont'd)
RJ Magno
Robyn Stegman
Sarah Flammang
Sean Latta
Sean Stokes
Shannon Mary
Sheree Frank
Mohan Singh
Stephanie Schreckinger
Tashika Campbell
Thet Brunner
Ti Coleman 
Valerie Walters
Will Candrick
William Agnew
​Jeni Yamada

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