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Staff & Board



Facilities Director: 
Currently Vacant


Artistic Council: 
Currently Vacant


Director of Development: 
Hank Rawlerson



Education Director: 
Kim Scarfe



Marketing Associate: 
Morgan 'Moe' Griffin



Jennifer Burroughs, Board Secretary
Jennifer is a practicing attorney working for a federal agency. She is also Adjunct Faculty at McDaniel College and the University of Baltimore School of Law. In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring students and young professionals on educational and career success. She looks forward to bringing her skills and thoughts to BIG’s diverse improv and educational community.  

Erin Fox, Board Member 
Erin is a program manager who joined the Baltimore Improv Group board of directors in 2020 to help develop the theaters foundational elements, with an eye towards the long-term success and growth of the theater. Erin believes that when programs (and projects!) are running efficiently and meeting the needs of their constituents, there are limitless possibilities for the directions they can develop. Erin is consistently inspired by the teamwork and vulnerability the BIG community displays, both on stage and off. Throughout their career, Erin has developed programs for a diverse range of constituents, established operational systems and performance metrics that align with strategic goals, and relied on quantitative and qualitative data analysis to inform long-term programmatic planning. Erin is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than a decade of experience in project management and holds a certificate in Leadership and Management Development from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Erin graduated from the University of Baltimore County as a part of the first class of Gender and Women’s Studies majors. When Erin is not managing projects, engaging elaborate grooming routines, or spending time with their dog, they pursue a hobby level interest in junk food. 

Adanna Smith, Board President
Adanna M. Smith, Esq. is an attorney and graduate from the University of Baltimore School of Law. She was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, where she attended the University of Dayton and earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Ms. Smith moved to Baltimore in 2016 to pursue her legal career and has worked at several Maryland and national law firms. Currently, Adanna serves as a judicial law clerk in the Baltimore City Circuit Court.  

Aftab Ahmed, Board Treasurer 
Aftab Ahmed is a finance professional who specializes in project management and corporate finance.  He recently started his own consulting firm and has a few clients in the Baltimore area.  Aftab recently married last year and is enjoying his newlywed life.  Aftab hopes to bring his creative thinking and collaborative ideas to the BIG board

Suzanne Schick, Board Member 

Suzanne is a practicing attorney working for a federal agency.  Prior to federal service, she worked in private practice, where her work included counseling Non-profit organizations.  Suzanne enjoys music, art, and volunteering.  She looks forward to contributing to BIG’s mission of enhancing the quality of, expanding participation in, and fostering the appreciation for improv through Baltimore.

Janice Footman, Board Member 
Janice, is an attorney who works in public interest representing underserved communities. She is a graduate from the University of Baltimore School of Law. She received her undergraduate education from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Janice enjoys mentoring and encouraging students. She enjoys volunteering with various community organizations and desires to see all people become their best selves. 

Contact the BIG Board

We have created a new BIG Board email address and we encourage all community members to use it as a way to communicate questions, concerns or ideas so we can keep the lines of communication and dialogue open in a centralized and organized way. This address is:

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