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Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) serves the Baltimore region as a volunteer nonprofit theater.

​Our volunteers help us to serve an annual audience of more than 18,000 people. Over 100 regular performers present audiences with comedy shows every night of the week. ​​Get involved in the Baltimore arts & theater community. We could use your help to make shows, workshops, and classes more accessible! ​

​Every minute you give helps!

Our main volunteer need? Your help at our Reception Desk in The BIG Theater lobby. It's easy and we love your help!

  • Sign up to be a BIG volunteer! Please send an email to Raul Duran, BIG’s Tech & Stage Manager at or fill out the form.

  • ​There are more volunteer opportunities, too! Help us with fundraising, grant writing, photography, diversity initiatives, and marketing.

  • Volunteers hours lead to a free BIG University improv comedy class.

​Photography volunteers: Take pictures of our live shows. Take headshots and promotional photos. We'll help you find the subjects you’re interested in while you help our cause as a nonprofit theater.  

Choose to volunteer if you're looking for a fun networking opportunity for photographers and want to connect to the local Baltimore community. 

Marketing, Writing, & Design Volunteers: If you're looking to expand your skills and portfolio with real world marketing projects, you can help make a difference while promoting comedy.

Create your own marketing materials, get event marketing experience, create videos and multimedia, and write blog posts entirely based on your interest and time.

Choose to volunteer for BIG if you're looking for an opportunity to get a real world marketing experience. Try out new skills through community service while working to promote the performing arts.




Talk to us about how we can work together. Every show and class at our nonprofit theater relies on volunteers to serve the Baltimore community.
I want to help! Please send me information about:
Let us know if you have any special skills you'd like to share or develop. *

Thanks for submitting!

Volunteer Coordination: Coordinate and assist with various projects and activities. Assist in coordinating volunteers.  Work to identify volunteer opportunities within the organization. Developing volunteer materials to help make more contribution accessible. Help us recruit, manage, and recognize our volunteers. Help us further develop our volunteer programs as we establish volunteer orientation and training for volunteer positions.


The BIG Theater opened in October 2017 in Baltimore's Station North Arts & Entertainment District. You can help us keep our nonprofit theater space open. The theater offer 3,000 square feet of space for shows.  We love your help.

Volunteers help us keep our classes and workshops for adults, kids and teens running smoothly. 

Our front desk volunteers help us with our lobby connecting actors, comedy performers, and audiences together. You'll help audience members learn about our daily BIG shows that include improv comedy, stand-up, sketch, and more.

We need your help to advance the art and appreciation of comedy improv in the Baltimore region through enthusiastic participation and education.

Our volunteers help with the mission to enhance the quality of, expand participation in, and foster the appreciation for improv throughout Baltimore.

AJ McCombs Casually Dope Baltimore Improv Group Free Live Improv volunteer testimony

“I’ve been with BIG for about six years and in that time I’ve done just about everything from be a student, front desk volunteer, host, light and tech guy, performer, director, coach, teacher and occasionally janitor. I’m proud to have done all those things with BIG. More than any other thing in my life have, BIG has provided me with so many tools and opportunities to learn new things and grow personally. I’ve met the most wonderful, weird and eclectic group of people who I never would have encountered without improv and whom I’m now privileged to call friends.”

Alan McCombs. Teacher & House Performer

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