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Diversity and Inclusion

The Baltimore Improv Group is passionately committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity in our student body, ensemble, and organizational leadership.  With unique experiences, points of view  and diverse perspectives BIG continues to evolve, striving to create art that is fiercely original, nuanced and reflective of the city the Baltimore Improv Group calls home. 

Value Statement
Our Diversity and Inclusivity initiative is an ongoing commitment to expose improv to underserved communities and aspiring performers at the Baltimore Improv Group. Our goal is to make this art, not only accessible, but inclusive, welcoming people of color, senior citizens,  veterans, military members, differently-abled persons, immigrants, and members of the LGBT  community. There are many reasons to foster a more inclusive theatre, and ultimately they lead  to one result: better comedy. The more voices we hear on stage, in the audience and in rehearsal,  the more resonant, creative, and accessible our work becomes.  

Three Programming Areas
We strive to increase our access to programs, scholarships and performance to Baltimore’s  underserved communities. We facilitate and engage in dialogue with our students and performers to raise empathy, a spirit of inclusivity, an atmosphere of diversity, and a hope for equity.    

Outreach: Alliance building with colleges, community organizations and corporations.    

Talent Cultivation: Opportunities and mentorship in the classroom, and conservatory training  for exceptional talent seeking performance opportunities.    

Diversity Programming: Workshops and events tailored to diverse groups.    

Casting Philosophy: No improviser performs with a BIG troupe without artistically earning their spot. Period. We actively  seek improvisers who can broaden the cultural perspectives represented on our stage. We take great care  in comprising our auditors of diverse improvisers with eclectic comedic tastes.    

Diversity Committee
Our Diversity and Inclusivity Committee is the engine behind BIG’s diversity initiatives. Current BIG  members who identify with one of our diverse groups are welcome to join. The committee members  provide counsel and support to BIG’s diverse communities, oversee performer feedback as it pertains to  diversity and inclusion, foster empathy, and track BIG’s diversity analytics for continued progress. Please  contact Diversity Chairperson Jacob Joseph at for more info.  

The conversation is always changing and growing. Please join us in the dialogue. Tell us what  you’d like to see. Tell us how you’d like help in making Baltimore Improv Group a better place.    

Complaints & Problems
Sometimes one encounters ignorant, micro-aggressive or blatantly offensive behavior, onstage or  offstage. To mediate such transgressions, BIG has two Diversity Advocates. Diversity Advocates field  concerns, complaints or problems from BIG's performer, student and audience population. The system by  which advocates may mediate feedback from these populations is as follows.  

  1. An Offended Party witnesses or experiences offensive behavior onstage or offstage.  

  2. The Offended Party contacts a Diversity Advocate.  

  3. The Diversity Advocate privately discusses the offense with the Offended Party.  

  4. The Offended Party may simply vent or they may decide to have a peer to peer discussion with  the Offender(s).  

  5. If the Offended Party would like an official action to be taken with the Offender(s), the Diversity  Advocate will privately bring the case to Management.  

  6. The Offended Party, Diversity Advocate and Management will discuss what course of action to  take on a case by case basis.  

If you would like to chat with a Diversity Advocate please contact:


​AJ McCombs
​Diversity Advocate & Teacher


Hannah Jackson
​Diversity Advocate & Teacher

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