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The Greatest Sketch Show in America

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For one-night only,* The Greatest Sketch Show in America comes to The Greatest City in America!

The nation's finest comedy ensemble is back after years of house arrest to push the limits of scripted comedy and audience safety—if you like wild animals in small spaces, this is the show for you! 

Nominated for an unprecedented 14 Tony violations and featuring a cast so famous you can see them in Oscar nominated films playing Bodyguard #4 and Concert-Goer #1,378, The Greatest Sketch Show in America will soak your prefrontal cortex in dopamine like nobody's business. Come for the free beer, stay for the comfortable chairs—or because it's a small room and we'll all see you leave! RSVP soon, because this show is guaranteed to sell out before it's announced!

Would you visit China without seeing the greatest wall in China? Would you spend time in Baltimore without seeing the Greatest Sketch Show in America? So come out to BIG and experience The Greatest Sketch Show in America: only a few are better!

*Due to budget mismanagement, The Greatest Sketch Show in America's production run has been reduced from eight weeks to one evening.


  • Kim Scarfe (producer)

  • Eileen Heady

  • Jared Boze

  • Jimmy Pope

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