Team Bio

Red Rover

House Team (Harold)

Tuesdays at 7.30PM

In the waning embers of August 2019 there was one ember that glowed with the enthusiasm of a golden retriever seeing its human companion for the first time in nine miserable hours. That luminous ember was Harold Night Team, Red Rover! In the days of live theater, Red Rover would be beckoned to the stage by throngs of ladies and gentlemen, like a bullmastiff heeding its owner's offer for table scraps. Red Rover misses those days, but continues to invoke scenes of fancy dress (sans wardrobe change, of course), on the information super highway via Zoom.


  • Will Aisenberg

  • Dante Armon

  • Heather Carlson

  • Sheree Frank

  • Rebecca Gerber

  • Elizabeth McKenna

  • Janty Shoga

  • Jenni VanAusdall

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