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Teacher Bio


A.J. McCombs

Alan J. McCombs joined the Baltimore Improv Group in 2014.

He trained with BIG as well as in workshops in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and in Philadelphia. As a performer, he was a founding member of Casually Dope, a BIG special project formed in 2013 as Minority Re’port.

He also directs and performs with After School Grandma and Fade to Black.

McCombs has performed in a variety of festivals across the country including the San Diego Improv Festival, the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and the Del Close Marathon. McCombs has performed with independent Baltimore-area troupes, including Doomhilda and Thighmeat as well as producing the Caucus mash up program. In real life, he is extremely gullible and tends to be ignorant of pop culture.

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