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09/20/20 Board Meeting - Minutes

Listed below are some key notes and/or action items from the Board Meeting that occurred on September 20th, 2020 from 10:30AM-12:30PM.

Key notes:

  • The board is finalizing disbursement of funds for the façade project. The project will begin in approximately 6-8 weeks.

  • There is currently a call to the community to participate in search for the new Managing Director.

  • The Managing Director job will be posted sometime between October 15 and October 31, 2020 and will stay up for 45 days.

  • Jennifer Burroughs and a volunteer are working on getting moderators for the Other Abled Listening and Veteran Listening sessions. Sessions will resume at the end of October.

  • Jeffrey Richardson is working on getting BIG involved with Black Improvise Alliance.

  • Board is working on securing professional trainings for teachers and staff as classes begin to resume.

  • Keisha Zollar is working on reviewing the curriculum for classes


Listed below is the full meeting minutes from the Board Meeting that occurred on September 20th, 2020 from 10:30AM-12:30PM:

Type of Meeting: Regular board meeting
  1. Call to order

  2. Roll call

  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

  4. Welcome community members.

  • Laura Weiss from Maryland State Arts Council was in attendance.

  • Anna Nelson was also in attendance.

Open issues
  1. Façade update

  2. New electric proposal being assessed by contractor

  3. Finalizing disbursement of funds. Should be approximately 6-8 weeks before starting the project.

  4. Board members have been in constant communication with BIG’s partners on the project.

  1. Process for MD search

  2. Call to community to participate in search. Waiting to tally community response.

  3. We have some interest from staff and community members.

  4. Anna Nelson and Operation Manager are working to update the job description for the Managing Director Position

  5. Goal is to have job posted by between October 15 – October 31, 2020.

  6. Job will stay posted for approximately 45 days before we begin interview process.

  1. Status of current diversity initiatives/ideas

  2. Update on remaining Listening Sessions

Other Abled Listening Session+ and Veteran Listening Session