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Pitch a Show

Got an idea for a show with Baltimore Improv Group (BIG)?

Whether you're a BIG performer or you're looking to collaborate, we'd love to work with you!


If you have an idea for an improv or sketch comedy show you’d like to try, we’d love to hear more! Feature improv with theater, dance, visual art, storytelling, puppets, musicals – we’re open to your pitch. 

Your show pitches can be submitted through the official form. 

Then what happens?
It may take time after you’ve submitted before you will hear about your show. Thank you for your patience. 

If your show is selected, they'll reach out to you about your plan to rehearse and cast. 

From there, most shows are scheduled through The LAB – our Wednesday show specifically for testing pitches. Other slots are given when it makes sense.

Pitching is free. Multiple people might pitch similar ideas, so we’ll do our best to make it work. 

Pitch A Show


Cast List
Please include first and last names for all performers currently with the project and note if more will be added.
Past Performances  *
Please include links to photos or videos of past performances and/or note any similar shows that served as inspiration.
Notes  *
Let us know any additional ideas or questions. 

Thanks for submitting!

If you pitch a show, you're responsible for producing the show or finding a producer to work with. Producers are responsible for:

  • Casting the show.

    • NOTE: BIG is committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity both on stage and behind the scenes. Consider unique experiences, points of view and diverse perspectives.

    • Read more in our diversity policy.

  • Bringing on a Director or Coach for the show

  • Managing the rehearsal schedule. You’ll need to provide costuming, props, set if needed for a sketch show.

  • Scheduling rehearsal space at the theater. Let us know if the show needs a tech rehearsal on the theater mainstage.

  • Coordinating show dates and times with your artistic team, cast, crew, and House Manager.

  • Communicating what you need for your show with the House Manager and providing notes to Tech.

  • Promoting the show:

    • You’ll submit your show description and image.

    • Take your own promotional photos and videos. Share on Instagram and Facebook with #bigimprov and tagging @bigimprov.

    • Send social media materials for marketing to

If your pitch is accepted, The BIG Theater provides our stage, a house manager, and front of house staff, as well as feedback on the show's artistic development, if it is produced in The LAB. If you would like to rehearse in the space prior to the show, please let us know in your pitch submission.

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