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Trista Morgan

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Trista Morgan has been honing her improv skills for three years. She was once called the Chance the Rapper of BIG, not because she's a Grammy Award-winning rapper (not. even. close.) but because of that time she left a Harold team to focus on indie stuff. Now that she's back on a Harold team, she's not sure the reference holds up, but she likes to mention it because it makes her sound cool and edgy. 

You may have seen Trista — with her naturally bright-colored hair — on stage with her indie troupe Scrapple, or perhaps working at the BIG Theater as house manager. If you know her well, you know that she likes wearing loud shoes, she can't eat without getting lipstick on her chin and she's an avid selfie taker. She loves doing improv but sometimes feels like dancing to the intro music at the top of a set is where she really shines. She really likes dancing. 

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