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Sheree Frank

Current Teams

  • Red Rover

Sheree Frank took her first BIG class July 2016 hoping that BIG would provide replacement friends to the ones she'd left behind in Arizona. The other students in her first class (who must surely have all been theatre majors) were so impressive that she quickly realized she had accidentally registered for 201. She gratefully transferred to the only remaining 101 spot. For the next nine months she spectated and took a few workshops before joining the open musical improv practice group Club 1727 (several members of which became the indie troupe Bad Karaoke Experience). A year after taking 101, when Brian E. Young grew tired of her repeatedly asking him to explain why her scenes felt flat, she finally completed 201. In January 2018, Sheree was lucky enough to be placed on a Harold Night team.  When she's not practicing improv, she enjoys social dancing, Blues Fusion being her favorite dance style. During the day she makes her living breaking and criticizing the things that other people make at a hipster company in Canton.

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