Old City

Welcome to Old City. The male/female ratio may be off, but here everyone loves you as you are. Move on in to BIG’s newest city where bars outnumber people, and the drink of the night is always Delicious Comedy.



Michael Harris has been the Artistic/Executive Director of BIG since 2010, and performs as a member of Evan the Loyal. He has performed at Improv and Comedy Festivals from NYC to Chicago and Philly to Austin. Michael has created/directed numerous BIG shows including: BIG’s Election Night Extravaganza & (Almost) Anyone Can Draw, both with Economist Cartoonist KAL; BIG’s Holiday Shows and Scripted, BIG’s Sketch Shows. He has taught BIG’s 100, 200 & 300 level classes as well as creating two new 300 level courses, and helping develop BIG’s residency curriculum for Young Audiences of Maryland. Michael has taught improv workshops for Johns Hopkins University & Hospital, Howard County Public Schools, and numerous local companies and non-profits. A member of the faculty at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in D.C., Michael has taught Improvisation, Commedia dell Arte, Voice & Movement, and various performance projects at the school. He has performed in plays at The Studio Theater, Signature Theater, and the Kennedy Center amongst other locations, and is a member of Actors’ Equity.



Miles Needer, an early graduate of the Baltimore Improv Group’s educational system, previously directed and played in Plan B and co-founded Photobomb and Gentlemen’s Hour before joining Old City. He’s performed in improv festivals in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Detroit. Married to a damn fine woman, Miles spends his days in airports and nights in hotels as he hopscotches across the globe making videos and webcasts. Want to get his blood pressure up? Tell him you’re a Yankees fan.



Anne Neal began studying improv with Baltimore Improv Group in 2011. In addition to being a member of BIG’s main stage troupe, Old City, Anne performs with independent troupes, Thighmeat and Charmsical. If someone hears her talking about anything other than improv, it will probably be about pit bulls and politics.



A recent transplant from the far quieter Lawrence, Kansas, Justin is an enormous fan of his new east coast home.  He is a member of main stage troupe Old City and indie troupe The Middle West. When he isn’t on stage, Justin commutes an awfully long way to Washington D.C. where he is a practicing Structural Engineer.  He is often seen wearing obnoxiously large headphones pulsing hip, young people music, and also loves tennis, Shiba Inus, reading, and trying to understand why people think the way they do.



Jacob started his Improv journey as a BIG student in 2015.  He went on to become a founding member of BIG’s main stage troupe Old City and independent improv troupe Topiary.  He is sweater and tie enthusiast and is often found wearing one or both.



Getting pulled back to improv after a decade away, Nate Tyson started studying with BIG in 2016, got a little over enthusiastic, and moved to Charm City within the year. In addition to being a founding member of Old City, Nate performs with Baltimore indie troupe Scrapple. Outside of improv, he pours people drinks somewhere in the city, remains a delusional/hopeful Capitals fan, and goes to movies by himself, but not in a sad way.