Bears Only

One of Baltimore Improv Group’s newest troupes is doing long form improv’s oldest format.  Watch as this talented group of improvisers turns one suggestion into a whole world of exciting possibilities.



Andy McIntyre has been performing improv since 2012 and performing with the Baltimore Improv Group since 2014.  He currently performs with the Bears Only, special project Local Spot, and independent team Remote Possibilities.  When not making things up on stage he is making things up in front of his students.  He also coaches football, wrestling, and lacrosse.  There are unsubstantiated rumors that he is married, and he smells much better than you’d think.





Hallie was psyched to join Pop 6 and BIG in the fall of 2014 after moving to Baltimore from New England.  She began her study of improv in the womb, and continued with Improv Boston and BIG.  When she’s not improvising on stage, she’s improvising with her middle school students in the classroom or in the woods on the wilderness trips she leads.  Hallie’s interests include making soap out of other soap and smashing the patriarchy while doing handstands.



Erin has been performing improv since 2013 and is excited to join BIG troupe Maggy. Erin is a founding member of indie troupe Remote Possibilities and has performed with several one off troupes and short term projects. Erin is Baltimore City’s resident Expert of Nothing in Gender and Women’s Studies edition and when they are not exercising their imagination through improv, Erin pursues a hobby level interest in junk food.