Two troupes enter, one troupe leaves. From the remnants of two previous troupes comes Aftermath.

These gentlemen build their sets, one scene balanced upon the next until they and the audience stand atop a Tower of Comic Babel.



Actor/comedian Rasheed Green spends his free time performing improv, sketch comedy, and in plays around Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC including venues such as Meadow Mill Theater, Fells Point Corner Theater, and The Creative Alliance. He has been performing with Baltimore Improv Group since 2013 as a member of the troupes Photobomb and Minority Re’port . Rasheed is a frequent and emcee of various community events most notably the annual Baltimore LGBT Pride Festival/Block Party.



Sean joined BIG in 2007 and plays with Population: Six and BIG’s Armando troupe.  On stage Sean has an unhealthy disregard for gravity.  As the oldest living member of BIG, Sean happily skews the median age range of Big.  And, like most old guys, Sean is an expert in things that he knows nothing about – a skill that has served him well in making stuff up with his friends in BIG.



Josh Frisch has been performing in improv troupes for six years. He has studied film and video as well as pursued acting both on stage and in film through his time at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he also began doing improv. He is currently an editor/digital information technician by day, working at 15Four, a video production company in Baltimore. He joined BIG’s Population 6 in December 2011 and has been performing with them ever since.



Mike Moran is a Baltimore based improviser,comedian, writer, and musician. He performs stand-up comedy, co-hosts The Digression Sessions Podcast, and regularly publishes writings with Patch North Baltimore and Skeptic Magazine. He also performs with the band Echo City Summer and an as-yet-untitled cover band. He is currently writing his own bio in third person.



Steve started classes with BIG in the summer of 2015, and became a member in the summer of 2016. Hailing from NY originally, he has found a home in Charm City and enjoys the arts/music culture here. In addition to his mainstage troupe, Steve also frequently performs with the indie troupe, Topiary. As a musician by trade, Steve can frequently be found performing at various local watering holes in the city and surrounding areas, has also been known to croon at a wedding or two. Steve is Thrilled to be a member of the Baltimore Improv Group, and to be working with Aftermath.