Teens & Kids

The Baltimore Improv Group is proud to offer fun, engaging improv classes and workshops for our younger improvisors.  We also offer a Summer Camp!

We are Teaching Artists with the Young Audiences of Maryland and the Maryland State Art’s Council and can come to your child’s school for assemblies and residency programs!  Contact BIG’s Education Director and visit Young Audiences of Maryland for more information!

Looking for a fun birthday party idea for your child’s special day?  BIG can customize a fun, creative improv workshop for your party and can host in our theater space or travel to your house.  Contact us for more information!

Improv for Teens

Jump into some seriously hilarious improv work. Learn how to build exciting stories, create fascinating characters, and present them through fun improv scenes and games. These workshops are all about jumping in, having fun, playing hard, working together and finding your voice. Always fun, this class will focus on developing improv skills and creating performers. For any level of improv experience for teenagers ages 13-17.  Come out and have a blast!

Improv for Kids

Do your kids love to make believe? Are they creative? Do you think they might be funnier than you? Then have them join The Baltimore Improv Group for a fun class of improvisational theater! Students will learn the basics of improv, participating in exercises for better listening, agreement, and response.  From there, kids will take to the stage to practice scene work and create fun characters. The students will also learn different types of improv formats, structures, and games. Through it all, the students will see their self-confidence increase while exploring their own creativity and how group trust and teamwork make for amazing and hilarious improv theater.  This class is limited to children, ages 8-12 years old.

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Questions?  Email BIG’s Education Director Michael Hartwell at michael.hartwell@bigimprov.org