-How long are the classes and how much to do they cost?

We run our classes in 7 week sessions with classes once a week on an evening generally from 7:00-9:00 pm.  Most classes are $210.

-There aren’t any classes currently listed, when does the next session start?

If you don’t see any classes listed that is because we just started a new 7 week session.  We run our classes for 7 weeks, take about a week off, and begin again!  Check back soon to find our classes posted.

-Where do you host your classes?

Currently, we host our classes at:

  • The Bolton Street Synagogue (212 W. Coldspring Lane)  (We host our classes in the basement)
  • Single Carrot Theater, 2600 N. Howard St.

-How fast do classes fill up and can I pay at the door?

Our classes fill up very quickly. If you see a class you want to take, sign up early and often!  Please double check to guarantee space to sign up at the door by emailing bridget@bigimprov.org.  If you do arrive on the first night of class and you haven’t paid, and there is space for you, please plan to pay in cash or check before the class begins.

-Can I get a refund for my class or my workshop?

For our seven week classes, we can offer a full refund up to 24 hours before the class begins.  Once the class begins, we can offer a prorated refund after the first class.  After the 2nd week, we do not offer refunds unless there is an extenuating circumstance.  For $15 workshops and Kid/Teen Classes, you must email bridget@bigimprov.org the Friday before the event by 5 pm if you want to cancel/get a refund.  We do not offer any refunds after that time.

-Can my kid or teen take a class?

Our 7 week Adult classes are for adults 18 and up.  We do host workshops and classes for kids and teens!

-How old are the students in your adult classes?

Our students are seriously all ages!  We’ve taught adult classes with folks who are 19 and 68 in the same class.  You are never too young or too old to try improv.

-I have no improv or acting experience, does that matter?

Nope!  Our Level 101 class is the perfect place to start.  In fact, we want everyone to start there so you can get the fundamentals of improv.  Not to mention that you will bond with new folks, have a blast, and thoroughly enjoy yourself!

-I’ve taken improv classes before, can I start at a higher level?

We do encourage everyone to start at Level 101.  However, if you have recent experience and can provide a teacher recommendation please email bridget@bigimprov.org to find out if another class is better for you.

-What do I bring to improv class?

A positive “yes, and” attitude, a bottle of water, and dress comfortably!  While improv is not a cardiovascular workout, we will be up and moving around the whole time!

I’m not sure I want to commit to a full 7 week class, can I just try one class and see how I feel?

Sure!  Once a month on a Sunday we offer a $15 class where you can give it a shot!  Sign up here!

-I’m not funny.  Should I take improv?/  My friends tell me I am hilarious!  Should I take improv?/ I have some really good jokes and want to do stand up.  Should I take improv?

Sure!  Improv is a team sport that will engage your brain and you will collaborate with others to find the truth in comedy using our three elements of improv: listen, agree, and add!

-You didn’t answer my question!  Now what do I do?

Email BIG’s Education Director Michael Hartwell and we can help you out!  michael.hartwell@bigimprov.org