BIG University

At BIG University you’ll learn to perform original, honest, and funny work through games and exercises in class, and through performances. You’ll get a chance to learn from some of the best improvisers in Baltimore through classes that build on skills through each level. You can find classes for new improvisers through advanced specialized programs. We offer classes and workshops for kids, teens, and adults. All the while, you will receive excellent training and specific feedback while you grow your scene work, characters, and a strong voice in your own improvisation.

Our Program

Learning improvisation might be one of the most rewarding and powerful things that you ever do. Improv gives you a chance to explore your creativity in combination with your own knowledge and experience to PLAY in a safe environment with other equally awesome people. From the fundamentals of LISTEN, AGREE, ADD to in depth scene work, you will be able to see how improv can apply to your everyday life and become one of your new favorite passions. Our instructors foster environments of trust and camaraderie allowing you to perform hilarious, inventive, in-the-moment improv theater during every class. All of our BIG University classes that are not labeled for Kids or Teens are for adults ages 18+.

Course of Study

All new students enroll in Level 101: Introduction to Improv and then Level 201: Introduction to Longform Improv. From there, students will craft their own improv journey through Level 300 Improv Electives that build off of skills in scenes, characters, movement, short form, and other fun topics. Our Level 400 classes are performance intensives that allow our experienced students multiple performance opportunities in format development with specific feedback.

Improv for Kids and Teens

Do your kids love to make believe? Are they creative? Do you think they might be funnier than you? Then have them join The Baltimore Improv Group for fun classes and workshops of improvisational theater! Kids and Teenagers will get immersed in the world of improv, including creating solid scene work and fun characters. The students will also learn different types of improv formats, structures and games. Through it all, the students will see their self-confidence increase while exploring their own creativity and how group trust and teamwork make for amazing and hilarious improv theater. Learn more and enroll in our Kid and Teen classes and workshops.

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