Special Projects

After School Grandma

They might come in like a Harold and go out like a Pretty Flower; anything goes with this free-form improv troupe. The only guarantee is that you’ll see compelling characters facing life’s problems, together.

Aloysius, Giorgos & Friends

A series of solo projects from the unsettled mind of Mike Harris, including such shows as Giorgos Hourdakis Fix Your Love and Aloysius Boutte’s What’s Wrong with White People.


Sometimes there is nothing better than a new mix. Take a group of BIG folks that haven’t performed together before, toss in short form & cheddar, sit back and enjoy.

CommuniKate: ArtAlive!

In CommuniKate:ArtAlive! Kate Billingsley takes art history off its dusty, erudite shelf and gives people an intimate, visceral, emotional connection with artists they love.  Performer and audience explore together what inspired each artist to create a specific piece of art and what they wanted to communicate. The show is fun, spontaneous and often transgressive, filled with adventure and beauty.


Impromptune is a group of experimental improvisers and musicians working together to explore the use of song as a medium for improv. The troupe is working toward performing full-length improvised musicals.


Babs (Christina Enoch Kemmerer) and Midge (Bridget Cavaiola) have been singing cabaret hits together since they were young ladies just learning how to keep down their chardonnay. They love fur wraps, sequins, their lovers, and of course their faithful and handsome piano man, Sam (Jeff Waters). These ladies will improvise all of your favorite hits and make you feel all warm inside. And outside.

Local Spot

Ever had the itch to say what’s really on your mind at the office party? Maybe, you’ve just wanted to see what life was like in another time and place? Come check out Local Spot as they explore the drama and hilarity of a life lived recklessly. All they need is a suggestion from the audience and they’ll explore the craziness of life in an improvised one-act play right before your eyes!

Minority Re’port

Minority Re’port is a unique troupe representing the underrepresented in improv.  With our mix of high-energy, audience-inspired improv, we create characters you’ll never forget, and leave you as satisfied as your mama’s sweet potato pie.

Same Team

“What’s in the box?” Asking the audience this question, the sweetheart duo Same Team explore the infinite possibilities of one man, one woman, one bottle of wine, and a whole lot of chemistry.


Nothing says Improv Comedy like a Script! Sometimes a special holiday calls for a night of sketches. We’ve hit Valentine’s Day (Rated R for Romance) and July 4th (BIG’s American History). Next up? We’re looking at you, Arbor Day.


Skinesthesia mixes improvisers, body painters, and models. The models and painters create sets and props around the improvisers and even characters that get voiced by the folks of BIG.

The Movement

BIG and The Collective pair up to present an evening of seamlessly woven unscripted comedy and dance based on audience suggestion. Dancers bend and form their bodies to become the beautiful set while Improvisers blend in with dancing, creating unbelievable collaborative art. This show, The Movement, has been performed for seven years to sold-out audiences at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Theatre Project, and the Creative Alliance. In 2011, The Movement was featured at the Chicago Improv Festival.


Improv comedy with puppets? Yup, improv comedy with puppets. This group of BIG ladies creates an improv playground before your eyes.

Trivial Pursuits

Two ladies.  One board game.  Roll the dice and let the story unfold.


Using audience suggestions and props, our performers create characters and scenes that come together to form a theatrical experience you’ll never forget. An ever-present director, improvised music choices, and visible stagehands turn the traditional theater experience on its head in this participatory experience. A fully improvised play will be invented every night, and each audience will experience a completely different show…some plays will be funny, some will be touching, and some will be dark. And we encourage the audience to bring unusual objects for use as props.